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Electrical System - Alternators
Without an alternator under the hood, you're not going to get far. Replace that broken or tired alternator with a new one to enhance starting performance (and looks!). We carry a variety of...More Details »
Electrical System - Distributors
If you're in the market for a new distributor, you've come to the right place. From HEI ready-to-run distributors to high-performance and even full kits, Big Dog Auto has you covered!
Electrical System - EFI Conversion Kits
Ready to switch from your old carbureted-system to an EFI-system? We've got you covered with our complete EFI-conversion kits from Howell. Get ready for more horsepower and better performance when you make the switch.
Electrical System - Ignition Modules
Electrical System - Miscellaneous Electrical Accessories
Clean up that engine compartment! Wire clamps, looms, hose covers, etc. to help keep your wires neat and tidy.
Electrical System - Starters
We carry the most popular brands of starters on the market for your vehicle, including MSD, CVR High Performance, OMIX-ADA and Pro Form.
Electrical System - Wiring Harnesses