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Product Installation Instructions & Videos

Most of our products have installation instructions available via the product description page. However, in the event that your product does not have them attached, we have put together a list of our most requested instructions.

Videos and Installation Instructions by Product Type:

Cooling System

Written Wiring Instructions:

Page One

Page Two

Steering Columns

Steering Wheels

Note: These instructions are not vehicle nor wheel specific and the wheel that is represented may differ from what you purchased. They are for general installation help only.

If you require further help, you may seek the assistance of a qualified installer or contact the Technical Support Department of the Manufacturer at 888.878.2156.

If you feel you are missing parts, please send us an email or if purchased on Ebay, a message using the Ebay Contact Seller form.

Automobile Steering Wheel/Adapter Instructions:

GM A01 Adapter

Chevy/GM A02 - A06 Adapter

Chevy/GM All Others Pg. One

Chevy/GM All Others Pg. Two

Grant Guide for Mopar

Ford Five Hole Wheels and VW 74 & Up

VW 1960- 1973

Horn Cam Instructions

Ford Adapters

GM/Chevy Adapter Installation Video

1970 -1977 Ford Installation Video

Boat Steering Wheel/Adapter videos:

Removing Boat Steering Wheel and Basic Install:


Aligning Adapter, Column Cover, Spacer, and Wheel:


Upholstery Installation:

Installation Videos

Product Fitment Charts

Find the right product by using our Product Fitment Charts below.
Steering Wheel Adapter Chart
Covercraft Cover Fitment Chart

If you do not find the instructions you are looking for, please contact us for help.