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Seat Upholstery - Bug, Beetle
When it's time to replace that worn, torn and faded upholstery in your Bug, you want to make sure to get quality upholstery that will fit and bring your interior back to life. That's where our Volkswagen Upholstery by TMI Products comes in. Manufactured in the USA for 30 years, TMI Products' line of VW upholstery features all the styles and colors that came stock in your car, plus the ability to customize your upholstery for your own unique look.

Choose from slip-on style, original style, OEM Classic and more to bring your VW's seats back to life.

If you don't see what you need, or want to customize your upholstery, call us at 951-653-1208. We are standing by, ready to help you!

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Seat Upholstery - Bug, Beetle - 12" Insert Upholstery
This classic-style upholstery features a 12" insert for a great look. Choose from cloth and vinyl or all vinyl upholstery.
Seat Upholstery - Bug, Beetle - OEM Classic-Style Upholstery
TMI's OEM Classic-Style Upholstery features the classic smooth leatherette vinyl with off-white piping for contrast. Choose from all OEM colors.
Seat Upholstery - Bug, Beetle - Original Style Upholstery
TMI's Original Style Upholstery is an exact replica of the original, OEM upholstery. Available in Basketweave, Squareweave or Smooth Leatherette Vinyl in a myriad of colors. Custom color...More Details »
Seat Upholstery - Bug, Beetle - Slip-On Style Upholstery
TMI's Slip-On Style Upholstery is an exact replica of the original style, but utilizes velcro for a super-easy installation. Intalls over your existing upholstery.
Seat Upholstery - Bug, Beetle - Sport X Upholstery
Want something a little "special"? Then TMI's Sport X Line of VW Upholstery is what the doctor ordered! The Sport X line features beefier bolsters, accent stitching and grommets for a truly custom...More Details »

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